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At Bead It! we have a comfortable and fun environment where we offer a wide variety of classes catering to beginners as well as experienced beaders.


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Below are pictures and prices of classes offered at Bead It! If you would like to take a class listed below and it's not offered this month, please send us an email and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


August Class Schedule


Classes offered in August:


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Crystal Cross Pendant Crystal Montees Bracelet Diamonds & Pearls Bracelet Free & Fancy Necklace Misti's Necklace Pearl Serenade Bracelet Romantic Evening Necklace Simplicity Bracelet Square Dance Twins Bracelet Square Dance Twins Bracelet
Sunburst Pendent                  



All Classes:


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New for Oct 007
3-D Ring
Four Leaf Clover
Shamrock All Choked Up All Squared Up Bracelet Antique Lace Necklace Bangle On 2 Bangle On 1 Bead Waves Beginning Pearl Knotting Bezelled Rivoli Earring 2 Bezelled New for Oct 011 Braided Flower Bracelet 2 Braided Flower Bracelet Bugle Bugles and Lace Bracelet  
Butterflies and Flowers Butterfly2 Butterfly Butterfly Ring1 Butterfly Ring2 Butterfly Wings 2 Butterfly Wings Butterfly Wings 4 Butterfly Wings 3 Butterfly Wings 5 branzanite Camelot Bracelet 2 Camelot Bracelet Double Camelot 2 Double Camelot Camelot Bracelet 5 Camelot Bracelet 4  
Cascading Pearls 2 Cascading Pearls 1 127b 130b Caterpillar2 Caterpillar Chantilly Chevron Flowers Bracelet 2 Chevron Flowers Bracelet 1 New for Nov 001 New for Nov 008 New for Nov 007 New Class Dec Tree Earrings Christmas Tree Earrings 2 Circle Crazy Necklace 2 Circle Crazy Necklace 1 Circle of Flowers Bracelet 2  
Circle of Flowers Bracelet Circles of my Mind Earrings 2 Circles of my Mind Earrings 1 Classy Cuff Cobblestone Path Bracelet Columns1 Confetti2 Confetti Copy Cat 2 Copy Cat 1 Criss-Tal Love 2 Criss-Tal Love Crown2a Crown1a Crystal Clay Crystal Delight 1 Crystal Delight 2  
Crystal Flower Necklace2 Crystal Flower Necklace1 March Class Closeup March Class Crystal Spiral 2 Crystal Spiral Spiral Bracelet Crystal Spiral 3 Crystal Sun Ray Necklace 2 Crystal Sun Ray Necklace 1 Crystal Surprise Crystal Swirls 2 Crystal Swirls 1 Crystals and Bows Bracelet 2 Crystals and Bows Bracelet Crystals and Bugles New for Oct 005  
Crystals & Tilas 2 Crystals & Tilas 1 Crystal Arches Bracelet Crystal Arches Bracelet2 Cube Cube2 Cube Diamond Earrings 2_sm Cubed Diamond Earrings 1_sm Cubist Ring New for Nov 010 New for Nov 009 Deco 2 Deco 1 Deep Purple Bracelet Deep Purple Bracelet 2 Denim Blue Bracelet 2 Denim Blue Bracelet 1  
Double Delight Double Delight 2 Double Delight 3 Double Petite Crystal with a Flair Bracelet Double Petite Crystal with a Flair 2_sm Double Petite Crystal with a Flair 1_sm Double Row Crystal Bracelet 2 Double Row Crystal Bracelet Double Vintage Button Earrings 1 Down The Tilla Patch Drops of Love Earrings New for Nov New for Nov 002 Easy Bezelled Rivoli Pendant 3 Easy Bezelled Rivoli Pendant 2 Easy Bezelled Rivoli Pendant 1 Egyptian Bracelet 2  
Egyptian Collar Embellished Squares Bracelet 2 Embellished Squares Bracelet Enhanced Evening Iridescence 2 Evening Iridescence 1 Fairytale Choker 2 Fairtale Choker 1 Fancy & Free Anklet 2 Fancy & Free Anklet 1 Fanfare Fanfare 2 Floating Crystal Earrings Floating Crystal Earrings 2 Floral Fantasy Floral Square Flower Bracelet2  
Flower Bracelet Flower Bracelet 2 Floral Pendant Floral Pendant Close up Flower Garden 3 Flower Garden 2 Flower Garden Flower Garden Walk3 New Bracelet Flower Garden Walk 2 Flower Power Flutterby2 Forgetmeknot2 Garden Necklace 1 Garden Necklace 2 Girly Pearl Ring 2 Girly Pearl Ring 1  
Going In Circles 2 Going In Circles 1 Gothic Lace Bracelet2 Gothic Lace Bracelet Graceful Strides2 Graceful Strides3 Graceful Strides Bracelet 4 Grandmothers Keepsake3 Grandmothers Keepsake4 Guinevere Necklace2 Guinevere Necklace New for Oct 001 New for Nov 006 New for Nov 005 Heart Earrings Hearts Rings Bracelet Hugs & Kisses Bracelet  
Hugs & Kisses Bracelet 2 Jeweled Bracelet & Earrings Kaleidoscope2 Kaleidoscope Kumihimo Braiding Garden Walk2 Garden Walk Lacy Bracelet2 Lacy Bracelet Lattice Native American Earrings 1 Lattice Native American Earrings 2 Lattice Bracelet  Leather Wrapped Beads bracelet Lentil Soup Bracelet1 Lentil Soup Bracelet2 Medallion Necklace & Earrings 2 Medallion Necklace & Earrings 1  
Miniture Purse Charm Purse Native American Earrings Netted Collar2 Netted Collar1 New Petite With a Flair Bracelet 1 New Petite With a Flair Bracelet 2 Pansiesonparade2 Pansiesonparade Peanut Cluster Earrings Pebbled2 Pebbled1 Pearl Serenade2 Pearl Serenade Pearls Lace Earrings Pearls with Swirls Pearly Girl  
Pearly Girl2 Pearly Girl 3 Petal Fancy Bracelet 2 Petal Fancy Bracelet 1 Petite Crystals Ribbon Ear1 Ribbon Ear2 Pearl Amore Peyote Stitch Peyote with Bugle Beads 2 Peyote with Bugle Beads Pearly Gates Point Necklace New Class Dec Poinsettia Bracelet 2 New Class Dec Poinsettia Bracelet Poinsettia Bracelet Princess Ring  
Puffy Heart Charm Puffy Heart Hearts New for Oct 010 New for Oct 009 Petite Camelot Petite Crystal Petite Crystal Close Up Peyote Bracelet New for Oct 016 New for Oct 015 Rings of Fancy Earrings Rivoli Earrings Rivoli Ring Romantic Evening Earrings Ruffles Have Ridges Earrings2 Ruffles Have Ridges Earrings1  
Santa Early st Scalloped Pearls Necklace2 Scalloped Pearls Necklace Scalloped Tennis Shades of Blue  2 Shades of Blue 1 Serendipity Bracelet1 Serendipity Bracelet2 Simply Vintage2 Simply Vintage Simply Vintage4 Simply Vintage3 Simply Vintage Simply Vintage Close Up Simplicity Bracelet Snowman Earrings  
Sparkle Trio Earrings and Ring Spinning Top Earrings Spiral Rope Necklace2 Spiral Rope Necklace1 Spring Blossoms New for Oct 014 Star Blossoms Earrings Starburst Summertime Ruffles Bracelet 2 Summertime Ruffles Bracelet 1 SunshineLollypop SunshineLollypop2 Sunshine Lollipops Single Row Crystal Bracelet 2 Tila Curve Bracelet1 Tila Diamond 1_sm Tila Diamonds 2_sm  
Tila Lace Bracelet 1 Tila Lace Bracelet 2 Tila Squared New for Oct 003 Single Row Crystal Bracelet Tila Curve Bracelet2 To the Point Trellis Bracelet Triple Delight Twin Cube Tilla Twin Wiggle New for Oct 017 Twyla Joy Bracelet Twyla Joy Bracelet 2 Unbangled Bangle 1 Up & Downs 1 Up & Downs 2  
Vanda Orchid Bracelet Variegated Bicones Bracelet 2 Variegated Bicones Bracelet 1 Victorian Bracelet 1 Victorian Bracelet 2 Victorian Vintage Bows5 Vintage Button Earrings Wedding Bouquet Bracelet 2 Wedding Bouquet Bracelet 1 Wedding Bouquet Bracelet 3 Wrapped Loop Wreath Earrings New for Nov 014 New for Nov 013 Xs & Os Bracelet 2 Xs & Os Bracelet 1  
Zig Zag Crystals 2 Zig Zag Crystals 1                                


13460 Central Ave # E

Chino, CA 91710

(909) 364-2402



Monday:Closed, Tuesday: 10:30am-6pm, Wednesday: 12:00pm-8:30pm, Thursday - Friday: 10:30am-6pm, Saturday: 10am-4pm, Sunday: Closed


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